Mana Mana Lunch

Served from 12:00 to 17:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Mana Hummus

  • Asli (classic) €6.9

    Tahini olive oil and parsley

  • Mana Mana €7.8

    Tomato cream, jalapeños cream, coriander chutney, tahini, almonds and pickled lemons.

** Hummus Toppings **

  • Lamb €3.8

    A la minute grilled lamb blocks.

  • Entrecote €4

    A la minute grilled thin entrecote.

  • Chicken thigh €3.3

    Marinated chicken thigh on the grill.

  • Mushrooms €2.9

    On the planja cooked with mana salsa.

  • Falafel €2.2

    2 balls of our homemade falafel.

  • Cauliflower €2.8

    Our known cauliflower with your hummus.

  • Aubergine €2.7

    Fried aubergine in pastela.

Pita Burgers

  • Falafel red Beet €10.8

    Falafel burger with red beet inside pita bans.

  • Mana Burger (Meat) €12.5

    Our 150 gr meat combination cooked on the grill served inside pita ban and sweet potato fries.

  • Sabich (Aubergine, Egg, Potato) €9.8

    Our take of for the known Israeli pita sandwich.

  • Cauliflower Pita Boats €7.5

    Our known cauliflower served in a pita like a boat.


  • Israeli fuse €9.9

    Fresh chopped veg with classic lemon olive oil dressing served on a bed of tahini.

  • Mana Grill €11.4

    Marinated veg freshly grilled served with mix sla on a bed of tahini.